Slices of Nitrite-free Kurobuta Smoked Bacon on Stone Plate with Bay Leaves, Rosemary, Thyme, Cloves, Applewood chips decorating the side.
Fried Smoked Bacon placed on top a stone grill pan, on a marble background.

Kurobuta Smoked Bacon (Nitrite-Free)

"Kurobuta", 黒豚 — The Wagyu of Pork Meat

"Kurobuta", meaning "black pig", is the name for this heritage hog breed that hails from Japan, where pure-bred Berkshire pigs are bred with a regime optimized for maximum marbling and intense, juicy flavors.

Traditionally made by dry-curing bacon rubbed with a secret blend of herbs and spices. Smoked with a curated variety of woods, experience bacon in its original taste.

Same great taste, just without the added nitrites.

Bacon Preference:
Original — Taste the original smoked bacon just the way it is.
Keto Friendly — Zero sugar added. High in fat, for the keto crowd.

Pan-fry at low heat till golden.

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Preference: Original (Nitrite-Free)
Weight: 250g
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    Bacon Thickness

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    Crispy and easy. Goes well with BLTs.

    Normal Cut

    The original cut. We recommend this!

    Thick Cut

    Feeling adventurous? Try the thick cut.

    Extra Thick

    Also known as bacon steak. Make an impression on your plate.