Indulge in a spread of Beef Dino Ribs, Smoked Honey glazed ham, Bacon ribs and savory sides. Ready to eat, hassle-free.

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The All-time Favorite

Artisanal Smoked Meats

Bacons, Hams, Ducks, Loins, and much more …

Savory. Succulent. Smoky.

Discover traditionally wood-smoked meats, cured in our special blend of curated spices. Whether you're going with our Original Smoked Bacon or our Keto-friendly Smoked Bacon, or simply a preference in bacon thickness, has it all.


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Why Choose

Only the Best Cuts

We pick only the freshest and highest quality meats for our products.

100% Wood-smoked

Smoked with a variety of woods, we strive to deliver an authentic smoked meat experience.

Loved by Thousands

Discover why thousands of our fans choose us. Just ask any of our customers.