About Us

Wood Smoked Bacon at your Fingertips.

"If only I could bring back this taste to Singapore, and share it with my friends and family."
And so I did.

Our bacon business first started off as a passion project as we wanted to bring a true taste of American BBQ to Singapore. We loved the smokey flavors of the meat yet could not find one that brought us true satisfaction. This prompted us to start experimenting so that we could curate a flavor that was truly unique and one of a kind.

Proudly based in Singapore.

  • Only the Best Cuts

    We pick only the freshest and highest quality meats for our products.

  • 100% Wood-smoked

    Smoked with a variety of woods, we strive to deliver an authentic smoked meat experience.

  • Loved by Thousands

    Discover why thousands of our fans choose us. Just ask any of our customers.

An Arduous Process

To achieve the oh so succulent, smokey, and savory flavor that we craved, we cured the meat with a special spice and blend of herbs. After the flavors have been fully infused into the meat, we proceeded to smoke the meat using applewood variety, mesquite, and hickory wood. While the smoking process can take up to 12 hours and can be extremely arduous, every piece of meat that our customers enjoy makes it worth it. We then slice the meat according to our customer’s preferences and vacuum seal it for maximum freshness.