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Smoked Bak Kwa

A CNY Seasonal Delight.

Smoked with Oak & Applewood.

Grilled over charcoal and wood fire.

A unique and delectable taste. Made with 100% all-natural ingredients, experience Bak Kwa in its original taste, just without the added preservatives.

Savory. Succulent. Smoky.

Original — Taste our Smoked Bak Kwa just the way it is.
Spicy — Chilli added for a spicy twist.

Ready to eat.

Limited time only. While stocks lasts.

Preference: Original (500g)
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    Oak & Applewood

    Smoked with a unique mix of oak and applewood for a strong, fruity flavor.

    Grilled to Perfection

    Each slice is delicately grilled over charcoal and wood fire for a perfect char.

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