Bak Kwa grilled over charcoal and wood fire | β€” Smoked Bacon, Hams, Ducks, and more.

Smoked Bak Kwa

A CNY Seasonal Delight.

Smoked with Oak & Lychee wood.

Grilled over charcoal and wood fire.

Get ready for a seasonal delight crafted for the upcoming 2024 Chinese New Year. Experience the unique and delectable taste of our Smoked Bak Kwa, made with 100% all-natural ingredients and free from added preservatives.

The Smoked Bak Kwa is carefully packed in a customized festive box, and fits up to 1kg.

Savory. Succulent. Smoky.


Original β€” Taste our Smoked Bak Kwa just the way it is.

Ready to eat. While stocks lasts. Pre-order closes 27th Jan 2024.

Corporate Orders

Make your CNY celebrations memorable for your team or clients with our exquisite Smoked Bak Kwa. For corporate orders and special arrangements, please contact us at

Preference: Original (500g)
  • Usually delivers in 1 to 14 days. Subject to availability.

    • Free delivery on all orders over $100.

    Oak & Lychee

    Smoked with a unique mix of oak and lychee wood for a strong, fruity flavor.

    Grilled to Perfection

    Each slice is delicately grilled over charcoal and wood fire for a perfect char.

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    100% Wood-smoked

    Smoked with a variety of woods, we strive to deliver an authentic smoked meat experience.

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